The Old Abandoned House of the Haunted' 'is a decrepit, spooky-looking house that has seemed to have not had any residence for many years. Complete with cobwebs, and a music box that plays The Mexican Hat Dance. In the actual episode Honor thy Ed, Kevin bets the the Eds a jawbreaker to go inside the house. To Ed, this house looks like one in "I Was A Cotton Swab In Madame Tounge-Itch's Earwax Museum: the Mini-Series".

Appearances in Fanfiction

The Collapse of the Haunted House

The All-New Ed, Edd n Eddy Show

  • In a beta concept, Eddd, Edddd, and Eddea were going to live in the house and renovate it; however, this was scrapped because these characters were scrapped and replaced by characters  who were also scrapped .

Video Games

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