Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode
"The Panther"
Season No.: 2
Episode No.: 31
Writer(s): Spongeman537
Director(s): Spongeman537
Previous Episode: Loose End
Next Episode: The Invisible Ed

The Panther is the 31st episode of 2009 Ed-ition!


The Gang is playing Bingo in the house (of course only Double D is having fun) when Eddy stops it and decides to listen to the radio. When he turns it on, an important announcement comes on that a panther has escaped from the zoo and has been seen in the Peach Creek forest, and Double D and Sandy are scared, while Eddy, wanting to make money, decides to try to catch it.

With help from Ed, Eddy sets up a panther trap (built just like the scams are) and waits... and waits... and waits. Eddy eventually gives up, but then one rainy night, the panther arrives! Eddy and Ed are at the trap, destroying the trap when the panther arrives, and Ed leaves, leaving Eddy alone and in danger.

The Panther tries to kill Eddy, but when it finally gets the chance, it is shot with a tranquilizer dart by a zoo worker, and it seems he was called by Double D. As the panther leaves, Double D asks Eddy never to commit something like that again, and Eddypromises, but as he leaves, Eddy mutters "sucker".

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