The Pied Piper of Peach Creek is the 5th fanfic written by Casimus Prime. He claims this is the "lost episode" of Me and The Eds.


The setting is the cul-de-sac decades after Eddy's ancestors founded Peach Creek. While working with School Teacher Edd, Jimmy spots a piper working magic with a wood pipe. He gets with the rest of the young ones to gather straw for the horses of Peach Creek. In the creek, the ladies are digging a moat for water. The men are molding bricks to make for a clocktower in townsquare. Mayor Eddy (heir to his father who founded Peach Creek) demands the kids to deny school and play to prepare thier town for an evalutation by the king. The mayor's daughter Maria meets Edd in the schoolhouse. He protests to the mayor but is thrown out. That night, crows invade the town. The town speaks with the mayor to do something but refuses to do so. He tells them to buy slingshots and kill them. When all is quiet a teen-like man enters the room and introduces himself as the Pied Piper. He requests 50 dollars from the treasury to rid the crows. Moments later, the Piper is seen outside town hall playing his pipe for the children to dance and sing to. The Piper explains everything he can do in song to the town and the mayor. The mayor agrees to pay him 50 grand. That night all of town is quiet as the people listen for the tune of the Piper's pipe. they hear the song "In The Hall of The Mountain King" as the crows fly off. As the Piper walks to the barbed-wire fence, his music intensifies, and the crows die one at a time. The town is cheerful and the king evaluates the town as his best one yet. The Mayor however, refuses to pay the Pied Piper. That night, he plays the same song he played for the children to dance to. The kids follow him out of town and to his cave hideaway. The Piper returns to town and climbs the tower and resites to the entire town "You'll regret the day you sent the Pied Piper from you without his pay".


Pied Piper: Who doesn't know the Pied Piper?

Mayor Eddy: I will not pay you 50 grand for riding us of these uh..uh...CROWS.

Teacher Edd: Wait, they don't understand.

Pied Piper: Somewhere in my mind there's a note of music waiting to be played for a man who will not hear it.

Maria: I wish the Piper would come back. I want to know so much about him.