The Submarine

The Submarine or (Sub for short), is a ship that Edd created for The Eds to cross The Creek when the Kids are after them or when things get bad in the Cul-De-Sac. Edd created The Sub in Submarine Ed and The Eds took it for a test drive in the same episode. The Kankers were able to get a copy of the program that created The Sub's pods that Ed and Eddy pilot. The Kids were able to get their hands on the programs that created The Sub and the pods so they could follow The Eds in the Creek. Although the Kids were sucessful to create their replica The Eds were able to destory it in The Last Ed after The Eds copy of the Sub was destoryed, The Eds copy fell off the cliff at The Swimming Hole. The Sub's main purpose was to destory the replicas of The Cul-De-Sac when they were created by someone unknown. The Sub has a cockpit inside the top of it, and four pods attached to it two of the four pods are driven by Eddy and Ed the other two are probably for The Kids because of the scam Eddy thought of which was to show the Kids what the Creek looks like from underwater. The Sub can also fly above land as shown when The Eds try to escape school again as Edd upgrade it.

Functions of The Sub

Energize- This program allows The Eds to teleport to the inside of The Sub.

Rotate- This program allows Edd to rotate The Sub from a vertical positon to a horizontal position for faster speed.

Turbo- Jets that allow The Sub to travel faster when underwater and in the air.

Pod Release- Program that Edd activates to release the pods that Ed and Eddy pilot to fight the Kankers or distract enemies so the Sub can escape.

Access System- Program that allows Edd to access a replica.

Sub's Sheild- a barrier that protects the Sub from harm.

Teleportation- a prgram that lets the Eds teleport to other parts of the world to find the generator that powers the replicas.

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