The Throne of Queen Sarah is an Article that shows information of Sir Ed-a-Lot. It was created by Oprevious Man. "The Throne of Queen Sarah" is another article of "The Oprevious Inquirer". The Throne took place at Ed's House.

Generation 1


Throne's Servants

The Throne of Queen Sarah was a babysitting experience. Eddy did not like it until he became King.

Scam To Babysit Sarah

Overview: Babysit and serve Queen Sarah and Prince Jimmy.
Profit: None.
Failure: Sarah and Jimmy became "Demolishers!" Also, a vaccum cleaner explosion messed up Ed's House.
Episode: Sir Ed-a-Lot.


  • Horse-Race:
    • Opponent 1: Sarah on Horsey Eddy.
    • Opponent 2: Jimmy on Horsey Ed.
    • Winner: Prince Jimmy.
  • Juggling and Entertaining Sarah:
    • Ed: He made funny things while trying to catch the falling objects and threw a cactus at Eddy.
    • Edd: Succeeded in making Sarah and Jimmy laugh really really great.
    • Eddy: The most successful. He was the Joker and Fool.
    • Eddo: He wasn't funny. He made a lame joke.


The dungeon was a cage that you can't get yourself out of. Here are the prisoners:

  • Eddy (imprisoned by Sarah for being a bad servant)
  • Sarah (imprisoned by Eddy for being destructive)

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