The Auto-Eds managed to fend off the Decepi-Kids but the golden jawbreaker is still on earth and neither the Auto-Eds nor the Decepti-Kids had found it yet as it had been captured by the government and was being held at Hoover Dam.Meanwhile, at the Decepti-Kids secret base under the Atlantic Ocean, the Decepti-Kids were still angry about their past defeat in New York City.

"That dork got lucky..." said Kevintron as he mumbled on about his defeat in New York City at the hands of Eddymus Prime.

"Big deal." said SarahBrawl.

"We'll get them next time. Theres not going to be a next time if those dorks get a hold of the golden jawbreaker," said Kevintron. Rolfscream just watched as the two argued. Personally, he did not really care about the golden jawbreaker and he also thought that Kevintron was not fit to be leader and he one day planned to kill Kevintron so that he could be leader, but his plans were far from done. Kevintron suddenly had an idea pop into his head and he knew exactly how to destroy the Auto-Eds.

To Be continued

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