The Un-Edvited Guest is a complete fanfiction written by Kirkland22.


A home invader has broken into the kids' houses, and now they're left with the question of – Who is it?

Chapter 1: The kids of the cul-de-sac are haunted by strange events – somebody entered their houses while they were present, but didn't take anything or damage anything.

Chapter 2: The kids begin to set out to figure out who it is broke into their houses. But a week passes with no activity, until Edd and Eddy discover a clue…

Chapter 3: The Eds pretend to know more clues about the happenings than they really do, and take the kids off on a clue hunt. While this is happening, the perpetrator makes his move…


1. Suspicious Activity

2. Reactions

3. The Crime


The Un-Edvited Guest at Earth 2 Edd

The Un-Edvited Guest at The3Eds

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