Kevin stole Eddy's Who to Scam and When Planner, so the Eds have to break into Kevin's house to get it back.


One morning, Eddy woke up on a bright Wednesday morning. He checked his Who to Scam and When Planner. He saw today he would have to scam Jimmy with golf course. Eddy got dressed then went to get Ed and Double D.

"Alrght boys, today we have to scam Jimmy with a golf course. Double Dweeb; you build the course. Ed will test te thing, and I'll worry about the cash." Eddy said.

"Same as always..." Edd said, "Assistance please!" Edd was trying to build the 4th course, but Double D was too weak to lift up the tools so Ed had to help him. Eddy laughed at him.

"Jeez, Louise! I thought it wouldn't be that hard for you. Hah, ha ha." Eddy laughed. After one full hour, Ed started testing the courses. Ed swung the ckub, but he accidently threw it away. A long ways away, all the way in the junkyard, the club fell and hit Jonny on the head.

"Of all the rotten luck!" Jonny complained.

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