The World EDventure
The World EDventure
Picture made by supersaiyan3goku on


Philip Vermont


After Eddy's brother leaves on a trip to The Grand Canyon, Eddy feels left out. The Eds plan their latest scam, "ED'S R S", when they notice the kids are playing a game on their PSP's. A game called World Racers. Eddy convinces the kids to let them play, and Eddy starts to kick everyone's butts. But Kevin faces Eddy in a final battle of virtual wheels... Kevin wins. And Eddy tells Kevin that if it really was a world race, he would kick his butt. Kevin smiles, and tells Eddy that they should find out. His uncle would pay for it, and they would see who would really win a world race. Now with not only pride, but a generous 1,000,000 dollars (Payed for by Kevin's uncle)! Let's just hope that the Eds don't get into trouble... boy am I dreaming.

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