it was morning and the kids were eating and they see something in the sky " hey guys thats a spaceship " ed said and yes it was a spaceship and it carried the kids into the ship and they see grim " hello final 4 todays today we have a guest and thats the actor who plays the captain of star trek " grim said and the actor came " hello kids " the captain said " so todays challenge is based of star trek " eddy said " yes the movie the wrath of Khan and the challenge is to defeat Khan who is marie one of the schemers the one who defeat Khan wins let the fun begin " grim said and he teleported the kids to a studio of star trek " so here we are going to face with kanker big deal " eddy said and then marie showed up " hi double d " marie said " did you come to kiss me " marie said and double d was frightning " not a chance kanker we came here to beat you " eddy said " then lets begin shorty " marie said and eddy angrily attacked marie but marie grabbed eddy and throw at a wall and he was knock out that means out of the challenge , double d quit the challenge and rolf was ready to strike marie down but it dint work and she beat him and ed was and ed begin to roll like a tornado and that rolling was atrackting marie too and ed throw a dizzy marie to the wall and she was concinous and grim appeared " ed wins the challenge and gets 10 points and his reward a cake and i will see you at the elimination . " grim said .

at the elimination " lets see ed and rolf , double d and eddy the last quilded grim goes to eddy , double d your out " grim said and double begin to walk " bye ed , bye eddy have luck at final 3 . " double d and he goes to the lameosine .




rolf: 0

at the elimination "


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