&nbsp edd puts the next reel with the sign train to egypt and it plays the scene at a train which showes the ancestors

double m: well fellows we are going a trip on the disorient express , egypt acient tombs and unfigured looks with animal heads

emu: im scared guys what if we dont fit in

double m: we have to , mr keviniscopus has gived as a job and we cant let him down

eddymus: and i cant wait to see that toybox

voice: tickets please , please hand over your tickets

then double m gives the tickets to the train conducter and they continue

double m:now remember we cant let a soul know that we are hading to

voice: the tomb of edu-mak

then from a case opens and showes a boy and a wood who looks like johnny

man: to bring back the ed toybox

double m: oh my

man: names airwood , johnnyius airwood and my sidekick planktupus perheps you read our card

emu: i had i had

johnnyius: we are talented partners

eddymus: partners you are not in our group

johnnyius: nonsense this is just the beggining we have a series of marvelous adventures in a had of us

then sets a scene in the tomb with the can and the ancestors get to the ground

emu: tadam , youl find fair

double m: well its not easy to impress this egyptian types emu this sorceres are dangerous

eddymus: oh yeah johnnyius gone to investigate in the tomb

double m: great now lets get down to bussines we got to find the ed toybox before its captured by tomb raiders

eddymus: like us

double m: yes our journey will be hard to find this toybox , very

emu: found it

pointing to stairs at the toybox

double m: about time

then they approach the toybox and then emu gets crazy and jumps

eddymus: emu concentrate on getting the toybox

emu: sorry eddymus i fell a power force in the toybox that is coming

and from the toybox it launched a doll and hit in the ground which looks like mr yum yum

emu: guys its a rabbit doll

double m : dont panick emu this must be a fake

voice: well well what do we have here

says a man who looks exactly like rolf

man: tomb raiders my rolfinius dint have since 10 centuries not step behind boys a good protection spell is in need

then rolfinius uses his magic and the cubes start glowing and then the toybox is glowy

rolfinius: there nothing beats a good ole protection spell now dont touch the toybox

then rolfinius goes away

eddymus: great now what do we do

double m: lets find johnnyius

then they clime down and emu starts acting crazy again and grabs the rabbit

emu: me and you i shall call you mr yum yum

the emu uses mr yum yum on double m

double m: hello im double m im stupid

double m: i dint say that oh my i think the bunny has the power to vantriqulaise people voices

emu: cool

then they enter a room where there are johnnyius and rolfinius

johnnyius: hello fellows im talking to a citizen

double m: good

eddymus: yeah stupid good

rolfinius: yes what are more of this country america

johnnyius: well ...

then emu uses mr yum yum on johnnyius

johnnyius: there are hotdogs

rolfinius: oh tell rolfinius more

then double m grabs three cubes and then they ran off and then emu bustes a bust at the top of the tomb and breaks it on two halfs

emu: oh oh

eddymus: emu you idiot

double m: wait eddymus i think i have an idea

then double m puts the two halfs in two holes and then two statues bow down making a bridge then double m presses a button and then they dissapear and reappers in the bridge as bas reliefs and get to the protection spell on the top

emu: we are the meat versions of ourselves again

double m: now to dizactivate this protection spell

but doesnt work

double m: well its a good protection spell but i think we can improvit

then double m puts the three cubes at three holes

double m: now thats an inscription

then emu was about to fall he didnt and then rolfinius comes in

rolfinius: hm did rolfinius cancel the protection spell or didn he i can remember well no harm on giving another shot

then rolfinius uses the magic and all the cubes are glowing and rolfinius leaves and the ancestors are back at the ground

eddymus: look

it worked the spell of protection worked as the barried of the toybox dissapeared

double m: we did it

eddymus: unbkreakable spell of protection broken

double m: nothing stands in our way just air common guys lets go get

then they look at eachother and they beat to get to get the toybox and the reel 2 is finished

double d: i think this is the part where we came in and sarah ancestor cames in and beats them

eddy: you know guys i think i have a new respect for the grand parents

edd: i know how you feel eddy

ed: you heared that you guys are winners

double b: in fact of having a cruel death in a dirty swear .

to be continues

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