ed and edd get to the museum where it rains they enter and put eddy body down

edd: ok ed lets search and find galaxion

then they here something and its like a fight at the planetarium

edd: sounds like a battle there lets check out

ed: double d look

ed showes double d a familiar slime down the floor

ed: its the same demon broth of rolf

edd: then that must mean that eddy brain is still alive lets go

they enter the planetarium and sneak and they there galaxion fighting someone

galaxion: kneel to my superior technological mind necromancer

galaxion is fighting the familiar keviniscopus

keviniscopus: blow your citizen hide corners barbarian

edd: theres galaxion and oh my thats kevin ancestor keviniscopus and looks pretty spry for 120 old and theres the ed toybox and is that

then there is a jar which contains eddy brain

eddy: double d ed get me out of here this place smells like alien and patchouli

galaxion: double d and ed the interlopas who foiled my scheme to collect the toys of power and reimprossened me in the scam zone

keviniscopus: double d and ed the great grandsons of those two dorks who ruined my plan of unleashing yog-soggoth and taking over the world

galaxion: i hate those guys

keviniscopus: i hate those guys

galaxion: yes yes a common enemy i propose an alliance

keviniscopus: you get the galaxy i get the earth

galaxion: agreed

double d: oh oh

galaxion: minions after them

then the minions chase them

eddy: guys oh man now im stuck here with the alliance of c-list supervillains uh i liked more better when they were fighting

back at the museum ed and edd escape the minions

edd: well we know that eddy brain is alive and kicking but we need to brake those to lovebirds from here excuse me ed

then edd goes to the egyptian exibit and grabes a brain of the pharaoh and goes back and puts it in eddy body

edd: hello anybody there

then eddy body moves

voice: torments of asarius will be leyd on your feet heritics the wrath of ah anubi

edd: no but we get that a lot we are double d and ed

voice: im edu-mak and i suppose you want some tidius boom returning our spirit from the shadowrly world yes

edd: well if its not enough hard your majesty i suppose we can use your help of rescuing eddy brain from villains and if everything works as planned i quess you can pick your fight with an ancestor of a friend of ours and super powered alien

edu-mak: alien that does sound promesing very well i shall grand your boom its shouldnt be to much trouble with all this toys of the gods secreted in this little body

ed: toys of the gods you to have the gift

edu-mak: its that what they are called today my people were calling the curse of horas ungretfull recious

ed: meat you got creppy brain powers we will rescue eddy come along my friend

edu-mak: led on barbarians

edd sees an office and it belongs to keviniscopus

edd: that should be interesting

but then some tentacles pop from the floor

edd: oh my those tentacles are very dangerous

then the pharaoh uses the phone and they teleport with the office sign and they teleport in a small office

edd: so this is keviniscopus office

edu-mak: what a dump

then someone comes

edd: someone is coming

voice: why have you left the planetarium

keviniscopus: that intergalactic dork is driving me nuts and those minions are a threat to my beautifull museum cant you do something

voice: get a grip on yourself man cant you see im struggling to get the toys of power is almost over

keviniscopus: you think i dont know that if being dreaming for this secong chance for decades

voice: then stop whyning and get back in there

keviniscopus: yes sir dr norrington right away dr norrington

then keviniscopus goes away

edd: norrington we dont have bussiness lets go

they teleport back and then ed sees a inflamabile plane picture and he uses the rhynoplasty and he transforms into a inflamabile plane

ed: look at me guys

edd: ed be carefull i think i have an idea

when inflamabile ed gets close to the tapestry of yog-soggoth ed gets a bomb

edd: could you move just a little ed

ed: why double d

edd: no reason

then edd lauches the bomb and exploses and ed releases gazes and the tapestry burns

ed: weeeeeeee

edd: oh the suck you manitry

ed transforms back

ed: that was awesome

then keviniscopus comes and the three hide

keviniscopus: who is making all that noise

then he looks shocked

keviniscopus: yog-soggoth no gr

he sees the minion and goes back

edd: ok lets go

keviniscopus enters

keviniscopus: galaxion

galaxion: what

keviniscopus: your dork of minions have destroyed the museum yog-soggoth tapestry

galaxion: o really galixa

minion: yes sir

galaxion: did any one of you destroyed monsieur keviniscopus precise tapestry

minion: no sir

galaxion: i believe you offer me an apology partner

keviniscopus: you right im sorry

galaxion: apology accepted

keviniscopus: sorry that your minions are dorks

galaxion: thats it i had enough with your cries petulant whyning

keviniscopus: petulant well heded up to hear with you berberest aptitude and your disqusting breath

galaxion: disqusting breath , this alliance is over

then they fight

keviniscopus: so beat it

eddy: it warms my heart to see them fighting again i think so double d and ed better come before these two losers knock over my jar or worse kiss and make up

then ed and edd enter

edd: wait here your majesty this move requires some sneackiness and that body your wearing isnt know for itself

edu-mak: very well

galaxion: resistance is pointless teran flee

keviniscopus: eat my premortial wrath space boy

then edd and ed comes by eddy brain and grabbes it

eddy: its about time

edd: we could of been here if someone i know could of shut his mouth

then edu-mak comes

eddy: hey my body walks without my brain how did you work that out

edd: i found the brain in the egyptian exibit nice kid but a little aptitude lets go before they find out common you highness , your majesty

edu-mak: the toybox its mine again

then edu-mak goes to the toybox

galaxion: the brain

keviniscopus: the box

eddy: guys you dint put the a psychic brain of a pharaoh in my body did you

edd: ah maybe

eddy: its so cool

then the toybox glows and the two villain bow down

galaxion: must resist

keviniscopus: norrington help me

edu-mak: by hammer of ptah , the hangnails of beston , and the power of anubis the reality will belong to edu-mak

edd: i think we should leave

eddy: you think

then the eds runs but then a huge light appears and then the screens fades black

to be continued

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