the narrator scene

narrator: thanks to our magnificent brains most of us lived out our lives under the illusion that we are under control , but our brains are truly in control makes you think doesnt it , ingrosed by the cinematic exploid of the ancestors the eds had no time to inponder this externaly vaxing questions , but in mere moments they and you will be plunged head first into this merfy fursaficaly deaths when double d returns from his iltaid bathroom break to discorver they stole eddy brain

then the scene cuts back to the real worls

edd: eddy .... eddy

then eddy doesnt move and he falls

ed: eddy

ed cries and then johnny showes

johnny: guys

edd: what is it johnny

johnny: well that strange toybox is gone

edd: what oh no at here eddy brain is gone to

johnny: oh no

edd: can you tell us what happened

johnny: i dont know plank and i were checking the toybox then bam out went the lights

edd: hm can you skip ahead

johnny: well thats the last thing me and plank remember and then we waked up to see that the toybox dissapeared right plank

edd: johnny i think you are lying

johnny: all right all right when we woke up we heared the telltale sounds of a brain removed from eddy i was to afraid afraid that hel remove my brain to

edd: who was johnny

johnny: it was the menacing evil alien who wanted to destroy the entire planet

ed and edd: galaxion

edd: but we looked him in the scam zone that means we have to find him and save eddy

johnny: and also i found these two things after the toybox dissapeared

then johnny showed them a familiar lump of rhynoplasy and a note

edd: ed look thats the same rhynoplasty which we uses to turn you into a bazooka

ed: yeah

johnny gives edd the rhynoplasty and the note and edd checks it the inscription is dr norrington

edd: norrington who is this johnny

johnny: well i dont know bye guys good luck saving eddy

then johnny runs away and ed and edd go to double d house and he puts the rhynoplasty and the note in the crimetron and localizes a direction named museum district

edd: ed the location to eddy and galaxion is the museum of mostly natural history there we will go

ed: cool

then ed and edd go and run to the museum to save their beloved friend

to be continued

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