created by Jbarb

written by Jbarb

directed by Jbarb

produced by Jbarb


It all started when the eds were digging in eds backyard.dig a hole,dig a hole,dig a hole,dig a hole ed said aloud as he continued to dig a huge hole.C'mon lumpy pick up the pace eddy yelled as ed continued to rapidly pick up speed.pretty soon we are going to find some buried treasure and be rich and then its Jawbreaker City baby!Meanwhile,on the other side of the lawn edd was also trying to dig a hole but having little progress.Hey guys,I think I found something,said ed.what is it Ed,is it cash.nope, said ed.its just a yellow rock.let me see,said edd.Edd peaked inside the hole only to discover that it was not a yellow rock but a yellow pot.Edd picked up the pot but it was actually a lot heavier than your average pot.lets open it and see whats inside of it,eddy urged.patience eddy,said edd.edd carefully opened the pot only to discover a boatload of gold coins.Jackpot!eddy yelled as his eyes turned into $.C'mon boys,eddy said.lets go buy some Jawbreakers.However,before the eds can make their way to the candy store a little green man jumped out of the bushes leaving the eds baffled.My word,said edd.are you really a leprauchaun?yes I am,said the leprauchaun in an irish hand over my pot of gold.make me,said eddy.the leprauchaun then jumped into the air and kicked eddy in the nuts and then swipes the pot of gold from his hands and sets it down on the ground and then proceeds to tackle eddy to the ground and punch him multiple times and then picks him up with one hand and throws him at Double D.I saw this in a movie once,said Ed.I was a teenage leprauchaun.with eddy and edd temporarily dazed and with ed in his own little world the leprauchaun uses this opportunity to grab his pot of gold and retreat to the forest and thus began a rivalry between eddy and the leprauchaun.

The End


if anyone wants to use the leprechaun in there storys then they must contact me first.

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