120px-Edd runing

edd is trying to catch up to the leprechaun






written by Jbarb

created by Jbarb

directed by Jbarb

produced by Jbarb


its another bright and shiny day in the cul-de-sac and the eds are putting the finishing touchs on their latest scam:pretty plants.its a goldmine I tell ya,said eddy.everyone in the cul-de-sac is going to want to buy our flowers.Gravy! shouted ed as he finished gathering all the plants.Hey Sockhead,help me put this sign up,said eddy as he struggled to lift up a sign that said plants for 25 cents.I'm sorry eddy,said edd.But I am still baffled about that leprachaun incident.don't remind me, said eddy.I for one think that gold coin was very tasty.what!?!? said ate on of the gold coins?yup.said ed.good lord,said edd.HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!eddy bursted with gotta love that big lump,eddy said.Hey!said a mysterious voice across the street.The eds immediatly knew who it was:The leprachaun!What do you want!eddy screamed.I have come to reclaim my coin from you friends fat belly,the leprachaun said.No problem said edd.all we have to do is wait for eds digestive tract to kick in.I don't have time to wait,said the leprachaun.I want my coin now!Oh ya smart guy,well how are you going to get it then,eddy said.Oh thats easy,said the leprachaun.I am going to cut open your friend stomach and then retrieve the coin.The sound of this made Ed scream and run for his house,destroying all of the plants in the process.Oh C'mon said eddy,angry at the loss of his plants.However,before eddy could say anything else the leprachaun pushed him away and started to chase Ed around the cul-de-sac.However,Ed managed to get inside his house and lock the door thus preventing the leprachaun from getting in.edd managed to catch up to the leprachaun and tried to reason with him to no avail and eventually the leprachaun managed to get in through the windows where he finally corners Ed.However Ed is so scared that he has to use the bathroom and pushes the leprachaun out of the way so he can use the bathroom and ends up pooping out the coin and then gives it to the leprachaun who goes back into the forest.

The End


if anyone wants to use the leprechaun in their storys then they must contact me first

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