&nbsp at the ship it showes galaxion

galaxion: hahaha engine to full power yes destroy the cul-de-sac

then the narrator showes up

narrator: looking familiar i certanly hope that you pay atention my friends because our story has reaches to our neverendler conclusion no longer can you switch the remote to say anything else now the eds are the only ones to stand in the way of the total anyliation , the villain made his move , only they can send galaxion to the scam zone

then ed gigles

edd: ok edd its now or never

then eddy uses the telephone with kanker sign and they teleport behind the throne

brain: well done eds now put the homing beacon on galaxions back and send him to THE SCAM ZONE

eddy: now light up those toys

then nothing happens

edd: the heck

galaxion: looking for these

galaxion showes the rhynoplasty , the play cards and the future vision

ed: ou ou

galaxion: you future viewer helped me very much hahaha here uses it to see how am i going to destroy you

eddy: soooo what was plan b again

galaxion: you were going to use a dimenstion distabilaser yes well i have my own

edd: but i still got the homing beacon

galaxion: exactly

then galaxion presses some buttons and appears the portal of the scam zone and sends the eds in it and the eds are shown in the scam zone

edd: can you believe that guy galaxion knew what we were going to do he just wanted to rub our noses to the scam zone

ed: i dont like being in the scam zone

edd: you shouldnt ed because this is a prison

ed: yeah but that hearing its annoying

then edd and eddy sees something on ed back and panick

edd: turn around ed

eddy: galaxion put a bomb on your back while we were knock out

then ed sees the bomb and drops its on the floor

ed: geez what a jerk

edd: we have to get out of here boys pronto

then eddy uses the telephone at rolf sign and they teleport and then the scam zone explodes , at rolf place

rolf: ed boys i found out what happened rolf has something for you

then rolf gives the eds a dimensional device

rolf: this shall help you send galaxion into the new scam zone

edd: thanks rolf

then the eds teleport back to the ship

the eds sneak at the top of the spaceship

brain: eds you survived

eddy: yeah yeah now shut up

edd: hey brain can you cause a acident so then we can put the homing beacon on galaxion

brain: ok donut button ed edd and eddy donut button till we meet again

then brain uses his powers and he dies and defects the ship

galaxion: no no not in my moment of triumph the eds must somehow escaped i must find them and destroy them

then edd puts the homing beacon on his back

edd: thats it now lets get out of here

then the eds teleport to the cul-de-sac

eddy: what do we do now sockhead

edd: i think i have an idea but its risky

poiting at the sewer

galaxion: there they are

its showes the spaceship

galaxion: i dont know how you escaped the scam zone eds but you will never escape my disantregrater eyes ahahaha

then the eds run and ed hides begind come crated and the lasers shot the creates leaving a hole in the sewer and then eddy uses the telephone and they teleport into the sewer and they see a hole and they enter it

they see some cave with johnny in it

johnny: hey guys

edd: johnny what are you doing here

johnny: plank and i decided to look around and we found this strange toybox

he points to a toybox

edd: ok lets do this

then edd grabes a cable and puts it at the toybox and puts the device at power and activates it and creates a hole and attracks galaxion to but he grabs a pipe

galaxion: hahaha well played eds but once again im to strong and you have only seconds before , wait it cant be the ed toybox

eddy: ed toybox , thats right jack and its our now go and find your own toys

galaxion: hahaha perfect you have lend me right to the greatest prize of all soon your bothersome dimensional rift will close and i will take the toybox and the ones who can control it yesss

ed: think of something quick guys i dont like how hes dressing mee with hes eyes

then edd cames at galaxion face and showes him a paddble ball

edd: very pity missing this toy galaxion its the most best yet

galaxion: nonsense its useless

edd: are you kidding me this one is great right guys

eddy: yeah yeah

ed: awesome

galaxion: give it to me now

edd: stay away from the big alien

galaxion: no fair give it

then galaxion tries to grab the toy but he falls and eddy laughs at him and its showes flames in his head and galaxion looks at him scared and he falls in the portal and the narrator appears

narrator: and so our heroes save the world , our villain undone by his own greed it would seem a fitting conclusion but this is not the end oh no but meerly a beggining the overture if you will of some parts that will blow your ever loving mind , what is this mysterios toybox with its bizarre connection to eddy and ed , is galaxion truly defeated , will double d ever find true love, will eddy and ed be able to control their emerging powers or theyr ominous visions of the future a sign of tragedy to come i will see you in the next episode to respond all this questions and more but for now i leave you with this chilly conclusion

the scene set back to the eds

edd: what sucked from three floors and a septic tank

eddy: there goes our playground

edd: i wonder if our houses are now a dimensional prison

ed: guys what are johnny and plank looking at

pointing at johnny and plank who look shocked and they run and the eds see it to

edd: oh my

eddy: is that ... US

poiting to three skeletons who look like them .

to be continues

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