&nbsp the scene is at the narrator

narrator: this great neighbour had allowed in many strange scenes but none so strugling as the one that played out here beneath his slambring streets just seconds ago , an evil alien went on world destruction throrted by three kids and two who with psychic powers and they discover unspeakeble something horryfind that made a boy and his pal wood run

the scene sets back to the eds who are shocked to see these skeletons

eddy: wow i look so ugly as a skeleton

edd: i may be wron eddy but i have a hunch that this isnt us this horryfind skeletons send a message of some sort hey look a donated reel from the past il just pop it in this convenient projector

pointing to a reel and a projector he puts it and it starts to a place which seem egyptic

ed: wow egyptic

and it showes the familiar toybox

eddy: hey that look like

and it showes the tittle ed toybox and showes three people who look like the eds

edd: oh my thats not nother then my greate grandfather double m with you great grandfathers emu and eddymus

eddy: i cant hear a word they are saying

edd: it a silent movie eddy before the dawn of the cinema

ed: cant find the volume knob maybe

eddy: no get away

then ed and eddy beat themselves and then when ed touches the projector he feels weird

ed: something is happening guys my aura is going crazy

edd: yes i feel it some force is putting you in this movie

and now the ancestors talk

double m: now guys the toybox is ours

voice: not for long

there is a small women who looks like sarah

emu: sarahnda my baby sister

sarahnda: i want that toybox

then she started to chase the ancestors but they hide and sarahnda tries to find them

double m: this would be great if we were brave

eddymus: or having psychic powers

double m: thats right we forget that you and emu have psychic powers

emu: oh yeah

sarahnda: where are you

then emu pulls a rabbit doll who looks like mr yum yum and he uses it on a squid statue

emu: my baby sister wont find us here guys

sarahnda: ha there you are

then the starts to crach the statue and she leaves

eddymus: ok lets get this toybox and escape

then they try to get away and they see a gate with hyroglyphics

emu: hey guys look funy words

eddymus: oh no hyroglyphics

sarahnda: oh this is rich

then sarahnda starts to beat them and the movie intrerupts

eddy: well that was interesting well skipping at the character delevopment

edd: that cant be the whole then that must mean yes

then edd finds three more reels

ed: cant we watch like the end of the movie

edd: no i think that was the middle ed

eddy: which one is the beggining

edd: i dont know i think this one

edd puts a reel with the inscription scammer challenge and the it showes the scene at a theatre with the three ancestors

eddymus: did the usher see us

double m: nah he is still fishing for us under the candy counter sh show is about to start

then appears a man who is well dresses green clothes with a red hat who looks like kevin

man: greetings lady and gentleman , allow me to introduce myself my name is monsieur keviniscopus , and i bare great tidings of earth showetaring proporations my friends i present to you the scammers

its showes a pig statue being closed with glowing eyes

emu: ahh its terrible guys my baby sister is here

points to sarahnda

eddymus: stage is that way lumpy

keniniscopus: it is said she will heal her secrets only to those who powers are equal to those of edu-mak himself my you be that favourit i came to your fair city today to issue a challenge what you before its nor merlly a paste boards facility but a perfect recreietion of the tomb fortifications to one who makes it throw the gate i offer three tickets to egypt and a adventures of a life time

emu: did you guys get anything

eddymus: prize for the guys who can bust throw that thing

emu: busting things its our speciality

double m: i thing your right emu

then eddymus sees a can o nuts and grabs it and he and his two friends get sucked in the can inside it and sarahnda sees it and so a boy who looks like jimmy and his name is jimmyndus and the ancestors appear from the can

double m: well that was weird

eddymus: the power came from me sockhead

double m : yeah but

then jimmyndus grabes the can and tries to run

emu: drop that

then emu attackes jimmyndus and beats him and gets back the can

jimmyndus: ow

eddymus: hey what are those things

poiting at the statue head

double m: those are hyroglaphics eddymus and it is a foot , a snake , squiggle , squiggle and a bird in egyptian it says foot snake squiggle squiggle bird

emu: hyroghlypics are easy

then eddymus puts his foot on the tongue and the statue glows

keviniscopus: the scammer has awaken put you offer in the nostrils

then emu grabbes from his pocket some cookies and puts it in the nostrils

emu: may the divine chocolate of the cavaties

then the hyroghlypics are glowing

keviniscopus: very good you have passes the first thrass hole now rislegt the words

double m: foot snake squiggle squiggle bird

then the mouth oppens and showes a gate

keviniscopus: well done my friends all that stands in the way of victory is to pass the gate

then eddymus uses the can o nuts and they all squish in the can and the tongue drags the can in the gate and the eyes blink and then the ancestors are back on the ground and the gate opens

keviniscopus: you done it you have beaten the challenge of the scammer you are the giftied one i have been searching for

eddymus: we are the gifted ones

double m: im their manager

keviniscopus: no matter i have three tickets for three of you tomorrow morning you will set of for egypt in the disorient express

double m: cool

eddymus: i weep with gratitude

keviniscopus: but thats not all an even more prize awaits you and another challenge such you choose to accept it , i charge you a task to enter in the actual tomb of edu-mak and recovaring the lost ed toybox

eddymus: is that all

double m: say no more we will do it

then sarahnda and jimmyndus are talking

sarahnda: time to roll up plan b

then the reel 1 is finished

edd: score 1 for the great grandparents

eddy: yeah but i betchea that sarahnda and that loser jimmyndus will bear the heck out of them

ed: your nuts eddy dont listen to bad eddy guys .

to be continued

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