the other succesfully enter the stomach

double d: well here we are eddy stomach

spore eddy: rommanate , rommanate trasspassers will be diagested

edd: creamit flamebrain

spore eddy: gi to brain , gi to brain trasspassers in the stomach they look quite delicious

keviniscopus: facinating the psychic fideback from the dark dimension has caused a image to our minds causing us to persive the creature orgins as if they were an actuall kitchen

edd: well this is much what eddy looks like

rolf: look a tube to the brain

they enter in the tube and get in the brain section

edd: last stop the brain

keviniscopus: i presume eddy brain was always looking like a living room

edd: i think so

rolf: aha this is the problem

edd: oh my

they see a tumour

norrington: its tingling with energy of the dark dimension we must shut it down

edd: but how

keviniscopus: perhepts behind this door

poiting to the door behind the tumour rolf tries to open but he gets shocked

rolf: looks like its protected we must shut down the barrier with some electrecution and thats from the battery park at the junkyard but we must get cotrol of ed boy body

edd: then lets do it

then edd and ed follow rolf to the legs section at the tube and when they get there it looks like a gym room

edd: wow

rolf: look this thing shall be enough to control the legs

pointing to the bycicle and then rolf paddles it

rolf: we get control of the legs

ed: aleyua now we have the arms to control

then ed and edd follow keviniscopus and norrington to the arms section and which looks like a game room

norrington: fellas keviniscopus here believes that he found a way to control the arms

keviniscopus: yes we are standing on the control of the arms which we

norrington: short version poindexter

keviniscopus: i can step on the shapes to control the arms

edd: great lets do it

keviniscopus: you have to activate the manual overide first the pulse is coming from the machine

pointing to the arcade machine

ed: il do it

edd: be carefull ed

after 10 minutes ed had completed the 3 sercuits

ed: boo hoo butter toaster

edd: you did it ed

norrington: we can control everything now

edd: good then we are hading to the battery park

back outside at monster eddy begins to be controlled

edd: ok team lets do it the arms

rolf: got it

edd: the arms

keviniscopus: still on

edd: now lets do it

then monster eddy head towards the junkyard and gets to the battery park and touches the two giant batteries and gets electrocuted and hes out cold

rolf: did it work

edd: only one way to find out

then edd and ed get to the brain at the door

edd: that jolt should of being enough now let shut the power ed

ed: ok general double d

before opening the door the scene stops

narrator: ah ah its time to give you one last quess about the villain

to be continued

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