"Torture School with Ed"
Date written: 2009
Writer: Yang the Hedgehog
Series: The New EDventures of Ed, Edd n Eddy
Fanfic No.: 019
Previous Fanfic: The Secret of K.E.V.I.N.
Next Fanfic: Eddy's Final Mega Scam!!!

"Torture School with Ed" is the ninteenth episode of the unofficial season 6 of The New EDventures of Ed, Edd n Eddy created by Yang the Hedgehog.



Double D decides to leave the school after failing the fitness test.

After the events of previous episodes (The Secret of K.E.V.I.N. Part 1 to Part 3) the children of the neighborhood go back to their normal lives and go back to school. A fitness test is given in Gym class that day. Double-D got very tired and failed the test, then he says that he'd rather leave the school. Afterwards, a sudden math pop quiz in math class is in effect and Eddy scores very badly on the test. Later in the cafeteria, the Eds decide to flee, because the day knew that school would be torture, so they decided to build another plane (again) but with a scam involved, the "Give your old stuff to Eddy and Get Brand New Stuff".

Eddy upset over being given a pop quiz.

They find everything they need for the plane, but are soon stopped by Captain Melonhead. After they engage in "Mega Fight Crazy Ed Destructive" again, Eddy violently attacks Captain Melonhead and after a while, Eddy unmasks Captain Melonhead, who is revealed to be Jonny 2x4. Eddy wants to give the change in Jonny, but is caught by Ed, who is with Edd in the plane, and they almost manage to escape, but the plane falls and crashes without even leaving the school.


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