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"Snoresville!"-- Kevin

This fanfiction is yet another Ed, Edd n Eddy/Total Drama Island crossover.
As if we couldn't get enough of them...

Total Campers Cartoon is the show to start the Total Cartoon Series.

"Total Campers Cartoon"
Writer: SuperSaiyanKirby
Series: Total Cartoon Series
Fanfic No.: 1
Title Reference: Total Drama Island
Link: [1]
Previous Fanfic: None
Next Fanfic: Total Actors Cartoon


  • Owen
  • Gwen
  • Heather
  • Duncan
  • Leshawna
  • Geoff
  • DJ
  • Harold
  • Izzy
  • Beth
  • Lindsey
  • Courtney
  • Trent
  • Cody
  • Tyler
  • Ed

You might know the rest.

The Teams


Ed:"With a million dollars, we can go to the Planet Bacon!

Eddy:"Your an idiot, Ed."

Ed:Challenge Good For Ed!

Owen:This challenge is going to be hard.....

Johnny Bravo:I think your not suppose to copy me.

Ed:Are we at The Beach yet?

Eddy:Yes, lumpy, but in the water.

Edd:Oh, grief.

Edna:Now I wonder how were going to capture that Black Bear?

Fanboy:Heather is harsh, but since Plankton is an idiot, I'm voting for him.

Chum Chum:Yea.

Frida:Dude, this is bad, if we don't capture Owen, ONE OF US WILL BE VOTED OFF!!!

Manny:Okay, Frida. We'll capture Owen, THIS I SWEAR!


  • For some reason, Plankton turned dumb.
  • We learn the author is allergic to ketchup.

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