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"Snoresville!"-- Kevin

This fanfiction is yet another Ed, Edd n Eddy/Total Drama Island crossover.
As if we couldn't get enough of them...

"Don't touch that dial, kids!"-- Ed

This fanfiction is currently incomplete.
If you wish to see completed fanfiction, please see List of Completed Fanfiction.
Come back later to see if this fanfiction has been completed yet.

Total Drama Ed is a fanfic where the characters on Ed Edd n Edd are on a camp just like Total Drama Island. The host is Eddy's Brother, just like Chris he could care less about the campers.


The campers will be do a series of dangerous and gross challenges on a TV show with a low budget.

Eddy's Brother: If I had real challenges, my massage budget would be sliced in half.

Ed, Edd, Eddy, Rolf, and Nazz are on the Killer Scams. Kevin, Jimmy, Sarah, Plank and Jonny are on the Screaming Pigeons. The winner will get cheesy tabloid fame, 500 jawbreakers, and $40.


List of Total Drama Ed Episodes

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