This is the first episode of the first season of Total Drama Ed


Eddy's Brother first talks about the show and what the winner will get As the campers come they talk about themselves so you basically know what their personality is like. Once everyone is there, they put onto 2 teams the Screaming Pigeons and Killer Scams. Ed, Edd, Eddy, Nazz and Rolf are on the Killer Scams. Kevin, Jimmy, Sarah, Jonny, and Plank are on the Screaming Pigeons. The campers go to the cabins the check them out, but they are rundown and dirty. Most of the campers complained about it. When they were settled Eddy's Brother Started the challenge. They were playing X-Treme Uncle. They had to pick something out of his hat and do it for ten seconds. First Rolf had to sit in a barrel of leaches. He does it with no problem. Next Eddy has to pull out his teeth. Surprisingly he survives. After that Double D has to roll in poison ivy. He does it for eight seconds, jumps up and starts scratching. Then Kevin had to jump over a shark infested lake on his bike.


Total Drama Ed Transcript

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