Tripper is a alien from Zeang and is the Green Ranger in Ed Rangers Time Force.


Tripper getting his Time Force powers.

Alanzarg 200,1995
Age: 17
Owner: SuperSaiyanKirby
Credits: The Green-Haired Dork from Whatever

Prince "Xevalr" Tripper

Portrays: Kevin Kleinberg(Normal)

Tom Kenny(Ed,Edd,Eddy, N Edna)

Years: (2009-present)
First Appearance: Force Saving the Future (1)
TF Green Time Force Ranger

Tripper as the Green Time Force Ranger.

Early Years

Tripper was born on Planet Zeang and was born on Alanzarg 200,1995 by King "Xelvar" Trip(his Power Rangers counterpart,Trip) and Queen "Ellenaogo" Shung.By the time Tripper was 4,he was trained to be a Zeang Warrior to fight King Mutant(Ransik's dad.).At age 10,when King Mutant crowned Ransik to destroy planets,that's when war of Zeang begins.

War on Planet Zeang

Warriors of Zeang planned their attack,trained for war,and at that time,Tripper was crowned Prince of Zeang.Then,Tripper's Zeang Warrior training was complete after 7 years.Then,war began.Planet Zeang was getting destroyed on war! 1 year later,The King made his decision:He sent Tripper to Outer Space to find another planet that has life.When the Astroship launched,Planet Zeang was destroyed,T'was Tripper sad while traveling to different galaxies.

Coming to Earth

Tripper was sent into space after his home-planet was destroyed.He tried to find a planet with life that Ransik didn't destroy.He traveled through space for 6 years.When he found a sign that said "Earth or BUST!",that means it might have life,and he was right.The Eds were doing a scam to get 100 jawbreakers,but the Astroship destroyed the stand and he met them.He said he's not from Earth.He's from Planet Zeang.He said he has no where else to go.Then Edna came and told him that he could live at her house and go to they're school.It was a beginning of an Ed Friendship.

Learning Resources of Earth

Tripper needed to know lots of stuff on Earth.So he went to Double D's After-School Learning of Science Program.He learned many things and got A+s on his grades.



  • Edna (Human Sister)
  • Trip (Father)
  • Shung (Mother)
  • Nazz (Human Cousin)

Tripper's Alter Egos


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