"Truth or Ed?"
Writer: TheBiggestEdFan
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Truth or Ed? is a TV-Movie of Ed, Edd n Eddy.


Part 1

The day starts with a birthday horn going out of Ed's mouth. Eddy yells at Ed for waking him up. But Eddy notices a banner that reads "HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDDY". Eddy gets into the closet and closes it, and puts on his clothes. Eddy turns the doornob, but it's locked. So Eddy calls Ed and Edd and the two open the door and close it. Eddy tells them they're locked in. So the three sit down on the floor. Eddy says he's scared, and Ed worries. Edd finds a flashlight and turns the light off. Then he says they should share their favorite moments of our lives. Ed yells out he remebers a time where he went crazy over a pebble. The flashback comes from Little Ed Blue.


Part 1

  • Ed: Wake up, Eddy!
  • Eddy: Ed! Why'd ya wake me up at 7:00 in the- [sees a banner] HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDDY?!
  • Edd: It's your birthday, Eddy!
  • Eddy: YAH! [he runs into the closet, closes the door and puts his clothes on. He turns the doornob] What the-? I'm locked in! ED! EDD!
  • Edd: [opens the door and closes it] What, Eddy?
  • Eddy: We're locked in the closet.
  • Ed and Edd: LOCKED?!
  • Edd: [grabs a flashlight and turns the light off]
  • Eddy: What the?!
  • Edd: Let's share memorable moments.
  • Ed: Oh, I know! I know! I went crazy over a pebble. [silence for 5 seconds]
  • Eddy: Oh yeah, I remember!
  • [flashback, Edd runs to the playground, to find Ed on a stump]
  • Edd: Ed, is there anything we can do to make you feel better?
  • Eddy: Hey Double D, is that a lump on a log?
  • Edd: Ed is sure long in the face Eddy.
  • Eddy: That's cause' he doesn't have a chin, einstien.
  • Ed: SHUT UP!
  • Eddy: You shut up!
  • Edd: Eddy, please! Ed's having a bad day...
  • Eddy: Ed's a grumpapuss. Hey forhead! I'll give ya 3 to GET OVER YOURSLEF! 1, smile you miserable, 2, snap out of it ya-
  • Ed: YOU TOURMENT ME! [throws Eddy into a tree]
  • Eddy: I'm hurt now. [flashback ends]
  • Edd: Ed, were you really mad?
  • Ed: Uhhh..................yes?
  • Eddy: Oh my god!
  • Edd: Shock!


  • Eddy says "What the?!" multiple times in this movie.
  • Many clips from real episodes and fanfics are shown, including some from Ed Abuse, Your Ed Here, The Ed-Touchables, If It Smells Like an Ed, Big Picture Show, The Day the Ed Stood Still, My Stirke Lady, and many more.
  • This episode takes place on Eddy's birthday.
  • Third time the Eds share memories. First was The Good Ol' Ed, second was I've Got to Ed!.
  • Jenny, Liz, Dick, Kyle, Sandy, Molly and Edna appear in this episode.
  • The plot of "Truth or Ed" is based on the plot of the similarly named SpongeBob SquarePants 44-minute episode "Truth or Square."

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