Ug, Ugg n Uggy is a fan-fiction made by Captian melon head. It is very similar to Ed, Edd n Eddy only that this is set in cavemen times.


All the characters have the same personality, but have different looks.


The Caveman Ed.

He wears a robe that looks like Ed's red and white shirt around his body, underwear, has a bone shaped unibrow and little spiky, burr hairs on his head. Ug has tusks.


The Caveman Edd. He is better known as Double G.

He wears a actual sock on his head, ripped pants and his normal shirt which is now ripped. He is the only Ug who hasn't got sharp teeth.

Note: Do not confuse him with the egg Ed used in A Fistful of Ed, as its nickname is also Double G.


The Caveman Eddy.

His hair is wrapped in a bone. Uggy has sharp teeth.


The Caveman Sarah.

Saber has tusks just like her older brother.


The Caveman Jimmy.

Jimbo's retainer is made out of wood.

Jonbo and Bone

The Caveman Jonny and Plank.

Bone is obvisouly a bone.


The Caveman Kevin.

Kilvin has a brown and tiger cap. The cap also has horns sticking out the side.


The robot Rolf from the future.

He looks just like Rolf only sharper and has terminator eyes.


The Caveman Nazz.

Very little is known about her.

Log Killker

The Caveman Lee.

Her hair is wrapped in a bone.

Marine Killker

The Caveman May.

Very little is known about her.

Maymoth Killker

The Caveman May Kanker.

Very little is known about her.

Uggy's Brother

The Caveman Eddy's Brother.

He is Uggy's older brother.

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