Viva Ed Vegas is a PG-13 fanfiction edited by current writer of AKA Cartoon Inc., Rachel Connor.


This story predates about the departure of a fellow young student called Mellisa from her old school Paris Hilton High School to Peach Creek Jr. High. After several months passed since she moved from Las Vegas to Peach Creek, Eddy rolls up a new scam as to further improve his pocket money, but thought this one would surpass all the limits. After a lot of research done they decided to create their own jawbreakers using common ingredients which would feast the Eds up to 400 dollars since the capacity of the school (according to the text) is 800 if charged 50 cents each. As the chapters progress and the plot thickens Mellisa's arrival to the scholl gives a new found romance to Edd, and starts to get more attracted to her. Currently, the fanfic has stopped (on permanent hiatus) but the whole plot plus the pictures that Rachel made herself are still available.

About the Author

The info about Rachel's current stage at AKA has been confirmed in January 1st, 2004 on the original Eddzone (now currently Edtropolis), and can be read here:

"Congratulations from me and I'm sure to everyone else at the Eddzone go out to our own long-term contributor Rach who after causing unbridled havoc under Mike Kubat's wing at Duck You Sucker has now successfully landed herself a job at aka cartoon starting as of now and will hopefully be contributing to the Eds specials out at the end of this year! You've probably seen Rach's artwork in the galleries and may have read her fanfics too and I have to say this is wonderful news and couldn't happen to a nicer gal. Big hugs and chugs to you Rach, you're a great inspiration to anyone who's thinking of taking up animation as a career, you went for it, you got it and I hope that wherever it takes you next you enjoy every minute ^_^"

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