Wal-ly 5 is the name of the asistant robot in the Doctor Ed series of episodes from the fanfiction Me and The Eds.

Lucy, I'm Home.

—Wal-ly's 1st words


Design and Gadgets

He is a combination of Johnny 5 and Wall-E. He speaks through Johnny 5's voice box. Instead of firing flares for SOSs, he uses morse code to the song "Help Me Rhonda" and other misc songs to the recipitant's voicemail or communication device. He can hack into computers other machines to retrieve information. He has a small revolver machine gun built into his right arm.


Series Apperance 

In the show, he is a personal friend to Casimus and Edd. Sometimes Edd calls him "Number Wal-ly 5". He is not allowed outside the cul-de-sac seeing as though he can obey any order he is given (even if it isn't given to him).


Sadly, because of Eddy, his 90 Day Warrantee didn't last as long as it was supposed to. Eddy, being jealous of C and E, decided to destroy Wal-ly 5. He had Ed help him. Ed tried to convince him to let him go, but he would be forced to murder Sarah if he didn't. Since his backup batter quickly kicked in, Kevin (since Edd was in detention for something Sarah and Jimmy did) quickly repaired him. 


  • He is the 2nd character that's a machine.
  • He is a character that is easy to fool and trick.

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