The War Machine was a weapon/robot built by Eddy to destroy his worst enemy.


The War Machine has 2 major modes. Tank Mode and Stealth Mode. In tank mode, it usually is used for mobility and quick strikes. In Stealth Mode, the tank converts to a humanoid robot. The cannon on the right shoulder can fire military grade mortars. Before firing, Eddy usually yells "Ahoo, Ahoo, Ahoo. DESTROY!".


In tank mode, other than the main turret, the tank has hidden rocket launchers and a bomb launcher. It also has a pop-out machine gun that fires marbles. In stealth mode, the rocket launcher is mounted to the right shoulder with the rocket launcher on the left. It has a laser cannon on the right forearm.


Seeing as though Eddy didn't program it for just the one target, it attacked anyone who crosses it's path. It even held Phineas hostage. Even though it was not able to perform its task, Eddy shut it down


  • The character is a combination of the Marvel character "Warmachine", and the Japanese Transformers series Robot Masters character "Reverse Convoy".

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