Watch-Eds Poster. From right to left: Primeschach, Dr. Eddhattan, Nite Ed, Nazz Spectre, The CoEddyian

Watch-Eds is a fanfiction of Watchmen, a popular novel. The story revolves around Primeschach a detective-like hero as he gathers the other members of the Watch-Eds to unravel the murder against The CoEddyian. The story was written by Casimus Prime.


The episode takes place in 1985 in Neo Peach Creek, a bigger metropolis of its original form. Primeschach a vigilante superhero investigates a murder against legendary E-Men member The CoEddyian. As he finds clues, he tries to gather the other members of the Watch-Eds, Kevinmandias, Nazz Spectre, Nite Ed, and Dr. Eddhattan. Primeschach is only able to gather Nite Ed and his companian/pet Bubo. Nite Ed flies the duo in his owl shaped ship. Nazz Spectre tries to join but since her and Kevinmandias marriage, she is not allowed to leave him unless he joins. After hours of failure, Casimus comes home to find a button lying on his doormat in his apartment. It is the Smiley Face button of The CoEddyian. It has a black blood stain on it. After a year, Primeschach is able to gather all of the Watch-Eds.


Casimus "Prime" Kovacs/Primeschach- The primary character of Watch-Eds. He is the Watch-Eds version of Rorschach. He weilds a grapnel gun as a weapon. He has no differences than his Watchmen counterpart. He is the offical "leader" of the Watch-Eds.

Eddward Osterman/Dr.Eddhattan- The only member of Watch-Eds to posse powers. He is the Watch-Eds version of Dr. Manhattan. He lives in a abandoned factory. His only differences from his Watchmen counterpart is he is red not blue, and he still wears his ski hat. His head is still the same. He was created when he fell into a vat of red atomic chemicals.

Eddy Blake/The CoEddyian- The target murder. He used to be a Ed-Man but was retired. All that is left of him is a smiley face button with a black blood stain. He is the Watch-Eds counterpart of The Comedian.

Ed Hatchet/Nite Ed- The only member of Watch-Eds who imediatley joined Primeschach. He is the Watch-Eds version of Nite Owl. He flies around a ship which resembles an owl's head. He has a pet robot owl named Bubo that is also a computer.

Kevin Baker/Kevinmandias- He only became Kevinmandias because of his cool costume. He is the Watch-Eds version of Ozymandias. He has no differences of his Watchmen counterpart. He spends all his time with Nazz Spectre.

Nazz Meriweither/Nazz Spectre- The only female Watch-Ed. She wanted to join Primeschach but Kevinmandias wouldn't let her. They had made a deal that she would not leave Kevinmandias due to the "Laws of Thier Marriage". She is the Watch-Eds version of Silk Spectre. now she has long hair.


  • Nite Ed's owl ship is a parody of Archie, the ship that Nite Owl flies in Watchmen.
  • Bubo is a copy of the character of the same name from the movie Clash of The Titans.