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Eddy Awoke To A Shining New Day.But Not Just Any Day.Eddy's BIRTHDAY! He Was Turning 12 Today.

Eddy: It's Birthday Time,Eddy My Boy!

Eddy Measured Himself,And Popped Into The Shower.He Then Got Dressed,And Walked Downstairs,Where His Friends Had A Suprise For Him.

Ed And Edd: Happy Birthday,Eddy!

Eddy: Thanks,Guys!

Edd: Ed And I Both Worked On A Present For You That I Think You'll Find Appealing.

Edd And Ed Led Eddy Outside,And On The Lawn Was A Steel Blue Harley-Davidson Motorcycle.Edd Made It To Be Smaller,Just Eddy's Size.

Eddy:COOL!!! Thanks,Guys!

Edd Gave Eddy A Black Helmet,With The Word,"EDDY"Spelled On It In Silver Letters.

Ed:And I Thought Ahead!

Ed gave Eddy A White Helmet With The Word,"SAYURI"On It In Gold.

Eddy:Thanks,Ed! You Guys Are The Best! Now,Let's Take This Baby For A Test Drive!

Eddy Put On His Helmet,And Started Off.He Parked It At Sayuri's Cave,And Knocked On The Door.

Sayuri:Happy Birthday,Eddy!


Sayuri:You're Present Is Inside.

Sayuri Led Him To A Virtical Easel With A Curtain Over It.She Pulled Off The Curtain,And It Showed A Painting Of Eddy,Wearing A Tuxedo With A Red Cape Fluttering In The Breeze,A Full Moon And Stars Just Overhead,And He Looked Quite Handsome.

Sayuri:I Painted This Picture Of You.Do You Like It?

Eddy:Sayuri...This Is Great! I'll Hang It Up At My House Later!

Eddy Handed Her The Helmet.

Eddy:You'll Need This.

Eddy Led Her Outside,And Showed Her His New Motorcycle.

Sayuri:A Motorcycle!

Eddy:Ed And Double-D Made Me This For My Birthday.They Got Us Special Helmets With Our Names On Them,Too.Wanna Ride?


They Put On Their Helmets,And Eddy Took The Wheel,Sayuri Sat Behind Him And Held Onto Him.

Eddy:Ready? Here We Go!

Eddy Sped Off.

Sayuri:Whee! This Is Fun!


They Sped Into The Cul-De-Sac,And Eddy Drove Around,And Everyone Was Amazed.

Edd:Eddy's Good For A Beginner!


Eddy Then Decided To Show Off,And Parked It....Right In Front Of Kevin.

Eddy:Whattaya Think Of My New Wheels,Kevin?

Kevin:Where The Heck Did You Get A Motorcycle?

Sayuri:Ed And Double-D Got It For Him For His Birthday.Along With Special Helmets.It's Way Better Than You're Bike.


Eddy:Care For A Race?

Kevin:A Race? You're On!

Eddy And Kevin Set Their Bikes In Eddy's Driveway.Everyone Was Watching.Sayuri Got Off The Bike.

Sayuri:Good Luck,Eddy!


Sayuri Blushed A Bit.Sapphire Was Eddy's Special Nickname For Sayuri,Since Sapphire Was Her Birthstone.

Sayuri Gave Him A Little Kiss On The Cheek,And Eddy Put On His Helmet.

Kevin:We Race To The Candy Store! If I Win,You Do My Chores For A Week.

Eddy:And If I Win,You Have To Be Our Personal Servant For A Week.


They Shook On It,And Rolf Walked Up.

Rolf:On Your Mark!...Get Set!...SHLORP!

Eddy And Kevin:Huh?

Rolf:I Mean...GO!

They Sped Off.It Was A Really Close Race,And It Turned Out...EDDY WON!!!!!!


Sayuri:You Did It!

Sayuri Walked Up To Eddy.

Sayuri:I Knew You'd Win,Diamond.

Eddy Smiled.Diamond Was Sayuri's Nickname For Eddy,Since His Birthstone Was A Diamond.

Eddy:C'mon,Sapphire.I'll Buy You A Jawbreaker.My Treat!

Eddy And Sayuri Each Got Their Favorite Kinds Of Jawbreakers.Sayuri Got Cherry,And Eddy Got Lemon-Lime.They Then Popped Them Into Their Mouths,And Rode Home,Slurping Along The Way.As For Kevin,He Was None Too Pleased.

Kevin:I Cannot BELIVE I Lost To That Dork! Hmph,Mabye A Jawbreaker Would Calm My Nerves.

Kevin Walked Up To The Clerk.

Kevin:One Grape Jawbreaker,Please.

Clerk:Sorry Boy,Those Two Kids Bought The Last Ones.


Eddy And Sayuri Were In The Hammock,And Kevin Was Their Personal Servant For A Week! He Did Eddy's Chores,He Hung Up The Painting,He Brought Them Jawbreakers,And He Cleaned Eddy's Motorcycle!


Kevin Walked Up.

Kevin:(REALLY Ticked Off,Through Gritted Teeth):Yes,Masters Eddy And Sayuri?

Sayuri:Two Glasses Of Lemonade,(Claps Hands Twice)Chop-Chop!

Kevin Stormed Off,And Eddy Smiled.

Eddy:Way To Take Charge,Sayuri! Yes Kevin,(Claps Hands Twice)Chop-Chop!

The Two Giggle,And Kevin Hands Them The Glasses Of Lemonade.He Then Storms Off To Clean Eddy's Room And The Two Cling Their Glasses Together And Drink.This Time,Sayuri Sang To Eddy.

"Always Stay Near Me,My Love Diamond Eddy,

I Shall Always Love You Forever Through,

Don't Stray Away From Me My Handsome Eddy,

For You Are Mine,And You Always Shall Be."

~The End~

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