eddy announces that 7 competitors are left and announces that the next challenge is a wedding challenge . the first challenge is that everyone to be a perfect couple of a boy and girl a to come to eddy to announce the wife and the husband the perfect couple who has the beautiful kiss wins the first challenge . the couples was kevin and nazz , marie and ed , lee jenny and dick and the first couple to be married was kevin and nazz and their kiss was beautiful , marie and ed , marie wanted to kiss ed but run away from marie , the final couple was lee jenny and dick and their three kisses was refused and the couple that win the challenge was kevin and nazz . the final challenge was a dancing challenge and the couple who dances beautiful wins the challenge . kevin and nazz dances beautiful , marie wanted to dance with but ed run away from marie again , and the final couple lee jenny and dick but they refused to dance together and the winners of the challenge are kevin and nazz and their reward is a weeding cake , and eddy annonces to others that this time in the ceremony will be votted two competitors a they will then 5 left . at the guilded eddy ceremony the guilded eddy was given to kevin , nazz , dick and jenny . the final bottom three was ed , marie and lee , and the final guilded eddy was to ed and marie and lee were angry that they were votted of and they go angry to the lamosine

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