Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode
"Western Takedown (Episode)"
Western Takedown 1
Season No.: 1
Episode No.: 5
Writer(s): TheBiggestEdFan
Previous Episode: Beach Trip (Episode)
Next Episode: The Edtermath (Episode)

Western Takedown is an episode of Total Ed Island.


Eddy annouces that a western challenge will be up. The players head to the western studio, and Eddy pulls out a box. He tells them they are squirt guns. In this challenge, the team has to squirt as many opponents on the other team as they can. Before Eddy even says go, Kevin squirts Edd. Edd says that they're on the same team. Kevin doesn't care, and the challenge starts. Edd goes to get his squirting machine. Sarah refuses to play, as she doesn't want to get herself wet. But Edd comes up and shoots Sarah. At the end of the challenge, the screaming Ed's Ed, Edd, Rolf and Kevin are out. Lee and May remain. The Killer Ed's Jonny and Sarah are out, leaving Nazz and Marie. Marie squirts at Lee and she's out. Finally, May suprisinly squirts Nazz and the Screaming Eds win. Next challenge is capturing the cattle. The Screaming Eds become cattle and The Killer Eds become cowboys. The Killer Eds chase the Screaming Eds all around. But the problem is that the Screaming Eds have Ed, Edd, Kevin, Rolf, Lee, May (6) and they have Jonny, Sarah, Nazz, Marie (4). So only 5 out of 6 are captured. Rolf remains. He pulls out a pocketknife and cuts the ropes open. Then the Screaming Eds steal the ropes and rope the COWBOYS. And they win. At the bonfire, Jonny and Sarah are bottom 2. Jonny was still crazy about Plank, and Sarah refused for the challenge. Jonny wins the Guilded Eddy and Sarah is pulled away. Sarah didn't scream AT ALL. She knew Jimmy was there at the aftermath show...


  • Eddy: Okay, the Guilded Eddys go to Nazz, Marie, and... (Sarah and Jonny look scared) Jonny!
  • Rolf: Don't worry, teamates! Rolf has a pocketknife! (Rolf pulls it out, and cuts the ropes open)
  • Edd: I thought I left this squirter at the junkyard...


  • Sarah is voted off.
  • The Canidian Squirt Guns from Know-It-All Ed return.

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