"What the Ed?!"
Date written: 10/3/09
Writer: TEd711
Title Reference: What the Heck?!
Link: [1]

What the Ed?! is a fanfiction by TEd711.


Eddy gets walkie-talkies, which they use to play spy with. When Ed inadvertly pushes a button that makes a noise, Eddy abuses it to censor bad words, without actually saying them. Eventually, Edd censors the F-word, and Ed uses a whole lot of bad words in one sentence. Kevin comes along and asks what they are doing, and Eddy uses this against Kevin. Kevin utters "Dork."


  • Ed: “What the (BLEEP) you (BLEEP) mother-(BLEEP)-ing son of a (BLEEP) (BLEEP)-ing (BLEEP)!”
    Edd: “Oh my lord.”
    Eddy: “Lumpy, you foul-mouth!”
    [Ed and Eddy laughed at Ed’s big one.]


  • Rated PG for excessive swearing (even if censored).

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