Where the kids are when they grow up



After goinng to college for three years Ed became an author and an illustrator. He created many fantasy and science fiction novels for kids and adults. He also created the animated series for Evil Tim that has been coming on 4 years so far. Ed has made a lot of money and is very happy with his life. Ed has been to every Comic Con since 2008. He married May. He is 25.


Became a scientist, archaeologist and inventor. Edd invented the iWii and iWatch. He discovered a new dinosaur called the the Edasaurus. He wound up marrying Marie. He was smart and very rich. Edd is 24.


Eddy grew up to be a manager of a fast food restaurant. It is called Poncè de la Eddy. They sell Mexican food such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, and tortillas. He is single right now. The last time Eddy ever talked to the other Eds was three years ago when Ed had another pebble in his shoe. Eddy is 23.


Kevin became a famous biker and daredevil. His first stunt was skateboarding over a 2 mile long bottomless pit with jets. He acomplished it easily. He got to meet and preform for the president of the U.S, China, South Korea, and Slovakia. He married Nazz, and he has a two year old son named Kaleb.

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