at morning at team Mclntyre it was music it was from the soundtracks of the highschool musical movies " oh man this soundtracks are a headache" kevin said and they go to eat and then when they finish eating they hear something " whats the sound that its disturbing rolf " rolf said and they see at the window something "its a meteorite " eddy said and the meteor hits the ground and the kids see and grim appears " hello contenstents you see the meteor is the beginning of the callenge of today follow me at studio 29 . they go to studio 29 " your first part of the challenge is the both teams to take ships go to outer fuckly and to get to mars the first team who gets to mars wins the first part of the challenge " grim said and the challenge begin . team Antonnucci were flying quiytly till a rain of meteorites hits them " i think we have a problem guys "eddy said and they destroyed the meteorites , at team Mclntyre they were flying till another rain of meteotires were hitting them like team Antonnucci " oh dude were toast " nazz said and they blasted the meteorites , and the first who get to mars was team Antonnucci and then team Mclntyre come too and then grim appeared " the team Antonnucci wins the first part of the challenge . " the final part is to defeat the alien army and the alien leaders who are the scammers " grim said " hi eddy ready for smochies " lee said " i wouldnt smoch you never kanker " eddy said " its time to battle buddy come on my teammates " johnny said and the battle begin while at team Mclntyre " i never thought we are going to a war with aliens " kevin said and team Antonnucci defeated the alien army and they begin to battle the kankers while double d was hiding in their backs and he knock them out and then grim appears " double d wins he gets 10 points while the rest of team Antonnucci get 9 points and team Mclntyre get 5 points and double d you rewards is a ticket to the cinema to see the movie 2012 and heres a limosine that will take you to the cinema " grim said and then double d goes to the limosine to go to the cinema .










johnny 2x4:9

plank: 9

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