Badly made image of Willy made with MS Paint

Willy is a character created by lefthandliam1998 on, he appears in an upcoming fanfic called Willy Joins The Eds?

Willy tell his personality?

Willy carries around a pen and a magnifying glass at all times, he hates it when he is called by his full name (William) and he hates burritos, and for some STRANGE reason, Sarah is in love with him, he is an A/B/C student, he says that, "The alphabet cursed me ever since 1st grade." And he despises school

Willy tell his wardrobe?

He wears a white long-sleeved shirt and cargo pants, he has blue eyes and spiky black hair, he also has a top hat that he pulls just about anything out of.

Edd: A retired magician I suppose?

Willy: Nope, I bought this hat off of a homeless guy with a drinking problem who liked easy buttons.

Ed: "Tis the season to reference Smosh! La la la la la, la la la la la."

Willy tell us what he's here for?

He came to live with his cousin Kevin after his mother realized that each week they got robbed of their crap... and valuable possessions and money.

Does he get along with Kevin?

More or less,

Willy: Kevin, fancy seeing you here.

Kevin: (eating a carrot) I LIVE here, what're you doing here?

Willy: Moving in.

Kevin: Did you burn the house down?

Willy: ...

Kevin: Again?

Willy: No, more like robbers

Willy-ou tell us where we can find an internal link to this fanfic?

not yet

Willy appear in any other fanfictions?

Harry PottEd

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