Willy Joins The Eds Poster

Hand-Drawn poster of Willy Joins The Eds by the author, anyone can edit this because anyone can draw better

Willy Joins The Eds? is an upcoming fanfiction series by lefthandliam1998, it will be posted on

Main Idea

The Eds are coming home from school and celebrating that it was Spring Break, when suddenly, a moving van drives to the house that has been for sale for 20 years, exactly why they moved there: It was CHEAP. Anyway, the Eds are the only ones to notice (except Kevin) that a new kid has moved into the Cul-De-Sac, he introduces himself as Willy, then Eddy starts cracking all sorts of 'Willy' jokes. Edd says that Willy might be offended, but really, Willy didn't mind. Then he asks where he could find 'Someone by the name of Kevin', Ed points at Kevin's house and Willy walks up to it and knocks. Kevin appears to have recognized him, then it is revealed that Willy is Kevin's cousin.


Now this is the best part of writing the fanfic, this is the list of episodes that are in 'Willy Joins The Eds?'

A New Ed-Title Reference: A New Hope-Willy joins the cul-de-sac and begins living average days that happen in Peach Creek

Double 0 Ed-Title Reference: 007-The Eds and Willy are staring at Jonny, ready to pounce and pull a prank on him, when suddednly, Jonny kidnaps the Eds, so Willy has to find a way to save them, (because Eddy owes me $5.00) so he heads to Edd's room and the security voice asks what the password is, Willy simply enters in BROCCOLI and goes into Edd's lab.

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