Winners and Losers is the final episode of Total Ed Island.


After Ed and Kevin finished their breakfast, Eddy congrats them for getting so far in the competition and announces that the competitors who were eliminated are here to watch the final challenge: Evil Tim, Plank, Jimmy, Sarah, Edd, Rolf, Sandy, Molly, Jonny, Liz, Kyle, The Kanker Sisters, Nazz, Dick and Jenny.

Eddy announces that the final challenge is a space challenge where Ed and Kevin are space outlaws and their first challenge is to defeat all the robots and the one who destroys the most robots wins.

They tried so hard to defeat the evil robots. Kevin destroyed 90 robots but Ed destroyed 100 of them, so Ed wins the first challenge.

The final challenge: a battle between the two competitors with fake lazer swords. They begin to fight, Star Wars style. When Kevin was preparing his final attack on Ed, he misses and Ed surprisingly hits him. Kevin is knocked out, so Ed wins the final challenge.

At the final Guilded Eddy ceremony, where all the competitors came to see, Eddy announces the winner of Total Ed Island: Ed. Everyone was happy for Ed. Eddy gives Ed a check for one milion dolars and Ed says that he will make a party back in the cul-de-sac. Everybody leaves. Eddy and Jenny leave as well and they are kissing on the way to the bus.

At the end of the episode, Eddy says that this is the end of Total Ed Island and says goodbye to the viewers.

The episode ends with Eddy and Jenny kissing.


  • The first challenge is similar to Dawn of the Eds.
  • It would seem weird that Eddy would give Ed a million dollars since he usually tries to get all the money to himself.

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