After the events of the last blackout, all seemed normal... or is it? Peach creek finally got power, but the neighboring Lemon Brook still is out of power. Now the 2 rivaling neighborhoods are at it. going to war for power (i mean, electricity.) Here are the soldiers fighting in canada now.

The USA fighters

Ed: Ed is a Peach Creek Army tank operator that specialises in tanks and powerful weapons. Ed has an exploding football launcher and a homemade tank that by pressing the LT and RT buttons on the XBOX 360, with enough power will bring down the tank.

Edd: Edd is a Peach creek air force pilot. In the game Edd will hop in his plane and bring fresh supplies and reinforcements to the troops down below. He will also, when he is filled with rockets, will drop rockets on the enemy team. (If you don't think he is a playable character, well, he is.)

Eddy: Eddy is A Marine sent from the sky and down a zipline to fight alongside Peach Creek. A well- round fighter, he specializes in assault rifles and shotguns. as the war goes on, he comes to trust his rival, Kevin.

kevin: Kevin is also a Marine just like Eddy. At the start of the war, he and Eddy had hated each other since then. (i know they have hated each other since the start of the series, but I mean is they hated each other even more.) Though they might be the same in the militia, Kevin Loves Sub machine guns and combat rifles. At the middle of the conflict, He and Eddy learn to trust each other.

Jimmy: Since jimmy is not really a fighter, he is the medic of the team. he is charged to go near the front lines and try and heal the team and keep them alive. Although medics shouldn't really fight with guns, Jimmy has a gun that shoots needles filled with poison. It looks like the medic gun in Team Fortress 2, although it's a carbine.

Rolf: Rolf, just like Ed is a tank operator. Rolf and Ed have become friends when they were on a mission. Ed and Rolf have rivaled each other in strength. Rolf loves Heavy weapons like a heavy Machine gun or a Gatling gun.


This is based off WW2 in HD.

I made some mistakes, so don't blame me.

I will write Chapter 1: battle of the creek eventually.

I will show the canadian Army later.

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