With Molly gone Kevin decided to become the new leader of the Screaming Eds but the other protested but Ed liked the idea and Eddy announces the challenge is a war challenge the first challenge was to Killer Eds to destroy the enemy camp the Screaming Eds and the Killer Eds make a plan with Johnny still not smart so Nazz said to infiltrate to get to the Screaming Eds, Kevin is the admiral and said that they wont let the Killer Eds to attack them so when Killer Eds have come to Screaming Eds camp there begin the battle Ed fight Marie Jenny fight Johnny Kyle Fight May Liz fight Lee Dick and Nazz fight kevin , Ed defeated Marie Jenny defeated Johnny may defeated Kyle Lee defeated Liz Kevin defeated Dick and Naz and Eddy shows to day that the Screamind Eds defeated the Killer Eds and the next challenge is the two teams to fight themselves with cannons and instead of cannons with guns eddy put cannons with el mongo stink boom , and the Screaming Eds wins the challenge , at the guilded eddy ceremony the guilded go to Dick , Kyle , Liz and Marie and the bottom two was Nazz and Johnny and the final Guilded Eddy was to Nazz and Johnny was eliminated and he dint seem upset because he will be reunited with Plank and said at the end of the episode shen he was walking to the lameozine he said im coming Plank

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