Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode
"World of Nurse (Episode)"
World of Nurse 1
Season No.: 1
Episode No.: 8
Writer(s): TheBiggestEdFan
Previous Episode: Jail Break (Episode)
Next Episode: Horror Team Home Work Ed (Episode)

World of Nurse is an episode of Total Ed Island


TRUMPET SOUND! Eddy wakes the players up. He annouces that there will be six new contestents. 3 for Screaming Eds and 3 for Killer Eds. Just as Eddy finishes, a bus pulls up. Sandy, Molly, Kyle, Liz, Dick and Jenny walk out. Jenny thanks Eddy for letting her in. Then, it's time for the challenge. The Screaming Eds sort it out. Jenny says she's good at nursing, while Kevin is in the corner avoding needles and Rolf's "mind goes blank". The Killer Eds have no idea how to nurse, but then Nazz and Liz stand up and say the'll try. So, the first challenge is to try to give as many shots to the players on the team without freaking out. So, on the SE, Ed, Kevin, Rolf and Sandy freak out. Molly calls out because Sandy went hyper, and Lee and Jenny succseed the shot. On the KE, all succseed the shot. Next challenge is to see how long you can stay under a super bright light. The goal is 20 minutes. SE Freak Outs were: Kevin, Rolf, Ed, Sandy. This explains Molly called out AGAIN and Lee and Jenny succseeded. The Killer Eds win. At the bonfire, Ed Lee and Jenny get guilded Eddys. Kevin, Rolf, Sandy and Molly are bottom four. Molly and Kevin are given. Finally, Sandy gets one. Rolf is voted off. On the boat, Rolf screams "ROLF DOESN'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT NURSING!".


  • Eddy: Alright everyone. Guilded Eddys for Ed, Lee and Jenny.

Jenny: Thanks, Eddy!

Eddy: (blushes) The final three Guidled Eddys go to... (Sandy, Rolf and Kevin look scared. Molly doesn't care) Molly, Kevin and...Sandy!

  • Jenny: I know how to nurse.

Rolf: What is this whole "nurse" thing?!

Kevin: Are there needles in this challenge?

Eddy: Yes! (Kevin faints)

Nazz: Dude, are you okay?


  • Rolf is voted off.
  • Kevin's fear of needles from This Won't Hurt an Ed' returns.

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