X Empire

Began: (Earth Years) (X years)

(Earth) February 29-March 1, 2006 (Planet X) Tarble 29-Gorguff 1, 2982

Dissolved: (Earth Years) (X years)

(Earth) May 15, 2007 (Planet X) Gagg 15, 2983

Rise: (Earth years) (X years)

(Earth)March 2, 2006-May 9, 2007 (Planet X) Gorguff 2, 2982-Gagg 9, 2983

Fall: (Earth years) (X years)

(Earth) May 10- May 15, 2007 (Planet X) Gagg 10-Gagg 15, 2983

The X Empire was an empire to take over Planet X & Earth. It was destroyed on May 15, 2007, On Planet X's calendar, the date was Gagg 15, 2983.



The Rise of the X Empire was the beginning of Planet X's new government, as (Planet X's year) 2982 ended, X ghosts were allowed to torture prisoners and Demental was invented, It began to spread throughout the Andromeda Galaxy and on Gagg 11, 2983 (May 11, 2007), It ripped a piece of Peach Creek off Earth and led it to it's planet, unaware yet, that Earth had life on it. This was the Empire's worst mistake they ever made, this caused the Space Wars & the Fall of the Empire.


Space Wars

The Space Wars created the beginning of the Fall of the X Empire, The Peach Creek Army defeated the Empire's officials and fled to a space station.

Flight to Earth

The X Empire pursued the Peach Creek Army from the planet to the edge of the galaxy.


Meanwhile, On Planet X, the poulation was destroyed in most of the damage the army had caused, It's unknown what happened after the Empire fell, whether the population died out in an explosion of Planet X or X ghosts sucked out the alien's souls or the population was near extinct.

Space Wars

The Space Wars was a cause for the Fall of the X Empire, The Space Wars ended once Peach Creek Army had made it home. (Continuity Error: The chunk of Earth the army lived on was still on Planet X, but it's back on Earth when the Army returns.) While the Empire was falling in the Space Wars, Lord Voldemort planned to take over the Earth & wipe away the human species & other Earth creatures.

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