X Shopper


Fibble 3, 2982


Gagg 15, 2983



  • (On ordinary days): $2.50
  • (On holidays, especially sales day): $5.00



The X Shopper is a newspaper for Planet X.



Main Article: Intergalactic Alien Research Project & Campaign to discredit the Peach Creek Army

The X Empire's lord, Lord Voldemort, requested a newspaper aside a telegraph to receive news, Voldemort learned that the newspaper was increasing popularity, He ordered the king to dispatch the Corporation to find life to boost the popularity. The newspaper made a campaign to discredit the Peach Creek Army after uncovering the Battle of Andromeda.


Main Article: Battle of Planet X (This link is currently inaccessable, redirected to Space Wars)

The X Empire eventually sent troops to fight the Army, but as the Army tryed to find Fort Ed, They infiltrated the X Shopper's Photography & Story writers room, The Ad Agency & The Print Shop, They destroyed the machinery to make the Shopper on Gagg 15 & smashed up the Printing Presses.

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